11# How to write post headlines

The headline of your post is important for two reasons

1) Good headline draws readers attention at the moment they are deciding whether to read it
2) Again, Google picks the headline keywords for indexing. So it's important to have keywords that reflect the content of the post and also get ranked high in the search queries.

Here is a good post telling how to write headlines:


They say it makes difference. I will try it, starting from this post :)

10# Adding images to your posts

Images are good to have in your posts. They grab attention, they are indexed by Google..However, it's hard to find free quality images on the web. Check these sites:


All you have to do is mention the source of the image in your posts.

9# Submit blog to Live Search

To submit website on Microsoft Live Search
  • Go to submit page
  • Type in the captcha letters and numbers
  • Type in your site URL
  • Hit "Submit URL", and you're done !

You can do it here

8# Submit blog to Alexa

Just one more site submit, this time to I'll submit my site to Alexa index, here:


At the bottom of page that opens, just type in your blog URL and hit "Crawl My Site" button.

Alexa bot will visit your blog soon..

By this far I have used the Blogger default font for my posts. I have seen in many blogs where the authors use different fonts, more suitable for web:
Here is a small comparation of available fonts:

  • This was written with Comic Sans MS
  • This was written with Default Font
  • This was written with Courier New
  • This was written with Tahoma
  • This was written with Trebuchet
  • This was written with Verdana

I find Verdana-font to be most usable for blogging, so for now on I'll use it
for my post.

6# Submit blog to Yahoo

Submit your site

This is my second step turning my blog more visible, I'm gonna submit my site to Yahoo for indexing. The Yahoo Site Submit option is easy and free. All you have to do is enter the URL of the site you'd like to submit to be included in the Yahoo Search index. Must have a free Yahoo ID in order to do this (registration required).

5# Submit blog to Google

My blog is not indexed yet. You can check this for your blogs and websites here.

It's time to submit this blog to google for indexing. For simple submit click here. After this I can expect google crawler to visit and index this blog..

Now, more interesting and complex way of submitting your blog can be done here (you must have Google login for this). It's called Google Webmaster Tools, after you have proved that you are the owner of the blog, you can diagnosticate and analyze your blog data from Google point of view. well worth of your time.

To proove that you are owner of blogger blog, use Meta tag method, add given Meta tag to your template and validate.
For wordpress log, use HTML method, create a page post with given name and validade.

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